David Kohn, Your Straight-From-the-Shoulder Consumer Advocate, unravels the complexities of protecting your health and finances as you age so you can …

Confidently Decide Whether Buying
a Long-Term Care Insurance Policy
Is a Smart Choice For You!
And if so, which one?

Long Term Care premiums cost way too much for you to make mistakes you might later regret.

Here, in an easy-to-read format, is what you need to know… and the questions you need to ask … to zero in on the right policy –

and the best decision – for you!

About David Kohn

David Kohn is an award-winning investigative journalist who has been in the writing and editing business more than 25 years. He has also written five books, including one on day trading in the stock market.

David specializes in consumer topics such as buying a car, finding a lawyer and discovering the most consumer-friendly banks. He is known for his tenacity and tough questions. His feature and hard news articles have been published more than 800 times in numerous publications, including Business Week, Money, Thomson Sourcebooks, McGraw-Hill periodicals, Newsday and Advertising Age. He was a finalist for the Neal Awards, a prestigious national writing competition.

David has a well-honed talent for simplifying and energizing topics. His journalistic style includes deep research, in-depth analysis, probing questions and thorough coverage, even prompting changes in the law. He enjoys digging into details.

Most significant of all, David doesn’t just write about consumer topics. He lives them. When shopping for a financial adviser he did weeks of research, then held 2-hour interviews with each prospective financial planner. When investigating whether to buy long-term care insurance, he walked into the agent’s office with a 20-page list of questions.

The same was true when he was buying a house. He did massive research, then created an extensive checklist as his personal guide to finding the right home for his family. The good news: He’s been happy for more than 20 years with the home he bought and he’s been with the same financial planner for several years.

You can tap into the fruits of David’s expertise for yourself with his new e-book, Picking the Right Financial Planner for You!

"I have known David Kohn for nearly 25 years. David is a superb investigative journalist and author. As a writer myself, I have watched him “in action” during interviews; he “digs deep” and gets answers. He is knowledgeable across a wide range of consumer products – especially those to do with insurance, the financial markets, and financial planning. I trust – and take –David’s advice. And I recommend him and his reports to anyone who is seeking honest and comprehensive consumer information."

~Tom Turner, President, Trendstar Trading Group, LLC

"I have known David ​for over ​20 years. It has been a privilegee watching him grow his skills and his professionalism ​ ​throughout his career. His integrity, thoroughness, and compassion for the well being of others are beyond impressive. I admire and applaud him for using the ​ ​latest technologies to convert his own experiences with long term care issues into information of great significance to others."

~Dick Sifton, Retired Corporate Investment Manager

​"When it come to consumer issues and my wallet, I very much depend on a reporter's honesty, fairness, analytical abilities, and reliability, as well integrity and thoroughness. Qualities not easily come by these days. In the many years I've known David Kohn, he has never disappointed me. He embraces these and many other qualities that continue to make him a go-to resource for the accurate evaluations and analysis I rely on to make wise decisions."

~Sam Bleeker, Futurist and Abstract Artist

Can I share a secret with you?

While Long-Term Care Health Insurance can be a financial life raft in your older years, it won't work for everyone.

And even if it will work for you, there is so much you need to know before making that costly decision. whether to sign up -- or not.

Don't bet on getting that vital information by talking to your insurance agent – or even the insurance company itself.

I learned that lesson all too vividly when I set out to buy a policy for myself. And, believe me, as an investigative reporter for more than 25 years, I did my homework.

That’s when I discovered how complicated this decision can be – and the budget-busting consequences of making the wrong choices!

You may know what I mean.

bulletpulldownAre you intimidated by what the insurance agents know – and may not be telling you?

bulletpulldownAre you overwhelmed just thinking about the haze of technical language involved in buying long-term care insurance?

bulletpulldownDo you keep putting off buying because you’re afraid the process will leave you stumbling in a fog of confusion?

That’s why I wrote Buying Long-Term Care Insurance Wisely. This 55-page e-book uses everyday language to take you through the often-bewildering maze of buying long-term care insurance – one step at a time.

This carefully organized e-book:

checkguides you through the process with a minimum of aggravation

checkhelps you compare policies more confidently

checkexplains the various kinds of coverage and how to deal with them

checkshows you how to calculate what coverage you can afford

checkspecifies what policies don’t cover

checkexplains various discount options

checktells you why women often pay much higher premiums than men

checkshows you how to find a trustworthy agent

As I mentioned, I didn’t write this e-book for you. I was on a personal crusade for myself. So when I decided to look into buying a Long-Term Care policy, I approached the job the same way I did with any professional assignment: leaving no stones unturned.

After weeks of extensive investigation and meetings with several agents, I learned the ropes. I discovered what to ask, what to look for, how to compare policies and much more. I found the right plan for me. And then … I decided to share what I learned with you!

In Buying Long-Term Care Insurance Wisely, you’ll discover:

bulletpulldownA comprehensive checklist so you can compare policies at a glance. (Page 51)

bulletpulldownThe trends making long-term care an increasingly pressing worry. (Page 3)

bulletpulldownWhat is NOT covered. (Page 30)

bulletpulldownWhy women pay particularly expensive premiums. (Page 8)

bulletpulldown3 vital questions you MUST ask yourself. (Page 5)

bulletpulldownWhy having your own doctor say you qualify for payments is a must. (Page 22)

bulletpulldown7 ways to get a discount. (Page 40)

bulletpulldown10 questions you must ask your agent. (Page 20)

bulletpulldown12 questions to ask about premiums. (Page 37)

bulletpulldown3 ways to tame the ever-rising cost of care. (Page 32)

bulletpulldownThe best age to apply. (Page 8)

bulletpulldownWhy a Specimen Policy is essential. (Page 11)

bulletpulldownWays to calculate how much premium you can afford to pay. (Page 19)

bulletpulldown7 elements that should be in every Long-Term Care policy. (Page 14)

bulletpulldown11 sticky policy questions. (Page 35)

bulletpulldownTips for calculating what benefits you want to receive. (Page 19)

bulletpulldown4 drawbacks of group coverage. (Page 40)

bulletpulldownThe ins and outs of home care coverage. (Page 22)

bulletpulldownHow companies treat preexisting conditions. (Page 26)

bulletpulldownWhy nursing homes and Medicaid could blow up your estate plans. (Page 7)

bulletpulldownThe 9 different care options. (Page 23)

bulletpulldownHow to unearth whether a company is in good financial shape. (Page 12)

bulletpulldown4 questions to ask about collecting on your policy. (Page 44)

bulletpulldownAnd much, much more.

“This report was of enormous value to me in tackling the overwhelming decision about purchasing long term care insurance. It gave me a handle regarding what was most important to ask and decide so I could make sound, educated decisions based on concrete information. I could never have made sense of this monumental decision without the help of David Kohn’s strategic advice.”
~ Rosalind Sedacca, Author, 99 Things Women Wish They Knew Before Dating After 40, 50 and Yes, 60!

"I'm in my mid-50s, and this is the first time I have seriously considered Long Term Care insurance. Wow! Is there a lot to think about (benefits, waiting periods, inclusions, exclusion and delusions). I met with an agent for about 2 hours and I was exhausted. Fortunately, a friend told me about David Kohn's new report. It was an easy read, well researched, and conversational in tone. There were a lot of thought-provoking questions I hadn't (or avoided) asking myself/my family about meeting my needs at the later stages of life. And a checklist to help me compare policies side by side. I now feel much more confident and informed when meeting with an agent as to what I should or should not be looking for. Because of the report, I know I will make a proper LT care policy choice for my circumstance. If you're considering Long Term Care insurance, this is a must-have Ebook. Don't start your research without it."
~ Mark Leder, President, Mark Leder.com, Internet Strategy & Development 

"I didn’t know anything about purchasing long-term care insurance until I read David Kohn’s excellent report. Although the decisions I have yet to make about long-term care insurance will still be a challenge, at least I am now an informed consumer. David’s report lays it all out in understandable language. I highly recommend it."
~Tom Ellis, Journalist and Public Relations Executive

This was one of the most complex decisions I’ve ever made and I know it will be for you, too. That’s why you must be prepared before meeting with any agents. The consequences of overlooking crucial details – or making mistakes – can launch a wrecking ball aimed squarely at your senior years.

Buying Long-Term Care Insurance Wisely fills in all the gaps.

My comprehensive 55-page e-book is filled with red flags to avoid and decision-making insights you need to confidently choose the best policy for you.

The comparative checklist at the end alone will save you a lot of money and countless hours of aggravation by side-stepping unnecessary expenses while showing you the often-overlooked crucial questions to ask. And that's not all. The 9 levels of care , 4 ways to thwart inflation and other relevant factors add up to sound, sensible advice designed to help you make the right decision at the right time.

The price of this e-book is less than $30 – an amount you’ll likely spend today on lunch, coffee, shampoo, gum and other unimportant incidentals.

And that’s only if you agree with me 100% that Buying Long-Term Care Insurance Wisely has indeed given you the “inside secrets” of choosing the best policy for your specific needs.

If it doesn’t, then it won’t cost you a penny. Here’s why …

My 100% iron-clad guarantee of satisfaction

I totally guarantee your satisfaction with my new e-book, Buying Long-Term Care Insurance Wisely. If you are unhappy for any reason ... or for no reason at all ... just let me know within 30 days.

I'll give you a full and prompt refund. And you can keep the e-book with my compliments.

That way, you risk nothing.

You might be mulling it over. But don't.

You're going to want to make a decision about whether to buy Long Term Care Insurance either now or in the future. And the best advice you’ll ever get is from an “in-your-face” investigative reporter who was researching the very same information for himself.

As soon as you order, we'll deliver the report in minutes via the Internet ... so you can get started right away.

If you don't like it, we'll give you a refund ... so reading it costs you nothing.

If you DO like it, ordering today means you pay only $27.97. Wait until later, and it will cost you considerably more. In fact, $87 or more.

So what are you waiting for?

To order Buying Long-Term Care Insurance Wisely on a 30-day risk-free trial basis, just click the button now!


David Kohn

Your Straight-From-the-Shoulder Consumer Advocate

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